Keeping it Cozy with my faux fur Dr Martens

Keeping it Cozy with my faux fur Dr Martens
So you guys know about my love for Dr Martens boots. I’ve scored my first pair last winter and haven’t been wearing anything else since! When Footway contacted me, I was over the moon to try out these Serena Black Faux Fur Dr Martens Booties. They’ve got the same kind of fit as my Pascal babies, but they have faux fur on the inside, which is amazing since it’s snowing and super cold in my home town right now. I’ve been wearing them for some time and I literally didn’t even have to break them in, no blisters or sore feet at all! I chose for the Serena boots and not for the vegan ones I talked about earlier, I tried them on and they were a bit more chunky and rough.

Keeping it Cozy with my faux fur Dr Martens

I love wearing these boots with black velvet flared pants or (to show them of even more) with a nice corduroy green skirt. I do have to use some warm tights, since panty-hose are way too cold right now. This ochre yellow cable-knit sweater is by far my favorite piece to wear. It’s so cozy and actually looks really nice. My vintage Levi’s Jeans jacket has some faux fur  on the inside as well and matches with my boots. This was definitely one of my best buys. It costed me fifty bucks, which I find a lot for a second hand piece, but I wear it every day! My boyfriend has a similar jacket and we really need to coordinate our outfits, because it looks really weird when were wearing the same coat (our friends are constantly making fun of us).
Keeping it Cozy with my faux fur Dr Martens

Keeping it Cozy with my faux fur Dr MartensKeeping it Cozy with my faux fur Dr Martens
The really cool camera used to be my mom’s, but it doesn’t work anymore unfortunately. I thought it looked cool with the rest of the look so I used it for the outfit anyway (it’s just an accessory now haha). I’m always wearing a dark purple scarf with this which smells like my Jean Paul Gaultier Classique perfume my boyfriend bought me last Christmas.

How do you guys keep warm this winter?



This is a sponsored post created in cooperation with Footway.


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