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How to Make a Closed Plant Terrarium DIY

Closed Plant Terrarium
Hey there fellow plant lovers! I’ve been intrigued with a closed plant terrarium for a while now. How cool is it to have plants in a completely shut jar, not needing fresh air, water or new soil? That’s a dream for people who struggle with keeping plants alive (like me). So since I’m always in for trying something new and nerdy, I did my research. I built these three beauties over a month ago and the big ones are doing great. The smaller terrarium was more of an experiment with some plants from my neighbourhoud, so I wasn’t sure if they would like the humid circumstances in the terrarium. They did not. So be warned and don’t use some random plants lying around your house. These jars make my dormroom feel like a 19th century biologist’s lab. You know the ones with drawings of all kind of insects and foreign creatures on their walls. And I love it. Continue Reading