Going Crazy for Delirium Beer

Going Crazy for Delirium BeerHappy new year everyone! I know January is the month for new year resolution and being healthy, but meanwhile, I just obtained another obsession. Because I’m going crazy for the Delirium beer! See what I did there, haha? Besides brewing amazing beers, they also have the cutest pink elephant mascot. Remember the Disney movie Dumbo? When this little elephant got drunk, he had a crazy alcoholic dream about a bunch of pink elephants, so this actually reminds me of my childhood in a weird kind of way.

Anyway, I was in a beer café in Eindhoven yesterday called De Bierprofessor and I saw the gorgeous Delirium Noël glass. This is obviously the Christmas edition of the famous beer and I was in love. Christmas beers and pink elephants are a match made in heaven. After my boyfriend asked the owner if there was a possibility of me buying the glass, he told me that they’re very rare and he didn’t have a lot of those glasses himself. I was quit disappointed, but understood of course. I immediately searched all over the internet to order one of those glasses. This was still in the café itself, very rude of me, I know, but I just couldn’t help myself. I mean, the PINK ELEPHANTS ARE PULLING SANTA’S SLEIGH?!??!
After realizing getting my hands on that glass was going to be very hard, I just ordered another beer and enjoyed the night, trying to forget about it. Half an hour later, the owner came to me and told me I could have it, as a gift, wishing me a happy new year. So yeah, that was kind of, a Christmas miracle. And I was very happy and thankful.

Aside from the great Delirium beer (I just bought a bottle of the Delirium Red), the company sells a lot of pretty merchandise. I made a little collage for you guys, since that’s the only thing I do on my blog lately. The blue beer crate is great as well and I want to turn it into a little stool with a cushion. As you guys probably noticed, I’m completely going overboard again, but so what?

Have a happy new year!


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    Jessica J.
    10 januari 2018 at 11:50

    Lekker biertje! Dat roze olifantje is inderdaad heel erg cute. 😉 Lief van die man, trouwens!

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