I wish you a Stranger New Year!

Stranger Things New Year
Hey guys! So the second season of Netflix’ Stranger Things was released some time ago, I KNOW. But the obsession is growing inside of me like a little Darth turning into a Demo-dog. The tiny country of the Dutch isn’t so Stranger Things crazy (the rest of the world is in a bigger Eleven frenzy), so it’s almost impossible to find some cool ST merch without spending millions on shipping costs. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help myself, so take a look at this card game inspired by Eggo waffles and there’s even a ST Monopoly!!! Sadly, it’s sold at Target and even though I would spend all my Christmas money on this stuff, it’s not even shipping to the Netherlands… Why is life like this?

I’m also in love with the logo and the eighties Steven Spielberg kind of style. The t-shirts and hoodies are so gorgeous and I want to wear these during the Christmas break so bad! Just chilling and relaxing on the couch while re-watching all the episodes! Lua shows how to wear the shirts in a more grunchy/sexy kind of way on her Instagram.

Wearing this everyday until second season

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Oh and Central 23 has some cute stationary and mugs in their collection, which is sold at Urban Outfitters, so far the only shop I’ve actually seen selling ST stuff in the Netherlands. I’m kind of sad they don’t sell a Stranger Things Journal ‘cus I really need that in my life (and I’m still looking for a new 2018 day planner).


I know the sparkly sequin dress seems highly out of place, but I’m actually going to a stranger things party this NYE. Who would have expected that? I actually couldn’t have planned it better myself. It’s only a ten minute walk from my student dorm in Utrecht and it in one of my favorite clubs. I don’t know which God is up there, but (s)he’s being very kind! Apparently there are more people who desperately need some more ST in their lives. The party is at Ekko and is even called The Upside Down. This dress is from ZARA and is sold out (shit) but I really hope it will be back in stock soon, how insanely disco is this thing? And obviously disco is super early-eighties, so I feel like I should wear this dress on 00.00 the first of January. Maybe with a Demogorgon head to match the theme even more…

Anyway, I’m going to decorate my place with lots of Christmas lights, letters plastered on the wall and maybe some moldy pumpkins left from Halloween? Forget about the Nightmare before Christmas, this is going to be the a Stranger New Year!


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    17 december 2017 at 00:03

    Ik hou ook mega veel van Stranger Things. Ik heb het nieuwe seizoen zo snel uitgekeken dat ik nu baal dat ik nog zooooo lang moet wachten op het volgende seizoen. En ik ben het met je eens dat er veel te weinig gadgets zijn in NL.

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