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Dreamy + Spacey Playlist

Dreamy + Spacey Playlist
Well hello there! Today I want to give you some dreamy songs you can listen to when you’re chilling, studying, driving or whatever you do on a lazy summer evening. I believe music is something pretty amazing, and I’m sure most of you earthlings can agree with me. These songs are all gems in their own way. Some you might hate, while some might just be your new favorites.

Be warned: the songs are all over the place. I plucked some from soundtracks of my favorite movies, like the Great Gatsby and Baby driver. Others are underrated tracks from already famous artists, like Lorde and Kesha (didn’t see that last one coming, did you?). I even put a Dutch one in there.

I will update this playlist regularly since I will listen to these songs quite a bit myself. Oh, and most lyrics are pretty great as well. So, make sure you listen to them carefully. If you feel like it. Obviously.

Dreamy + Spacey Playlist
Have a listen! I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. But that would be quite boring anyway.

P.S. Alvvays’ leadsinger Molly actually signed my record when me and my boyfriend attended their concert at Bitterzoet Amsterdam (I was really nervous to ask her, since she was drinking some beers with her friends after the show, but she was super nice and friendly (yay!)).