Pink Hair Watercolor Painting

Pink Hair Watercolor Painting
A few weeks ago, I decided it was time for me to paint. So, I did. And this happened. Personally, I’m quite happy with the result, taken into account that I never draw. At all. I made a promise to myself two year ago to do more things that make me happy. And that can actually be considered a skill. Netflix does not fall under that criteria.

I wanted her to be surrealistic. Her eyes and mouth are too big and that was kind of on purpose. But I will tone it down a bit for next time. I also feel like the colors could be a bit more expressive. Maybe I’ll try purple hair someday. That would be a nice contrast to the rosy skin.

Pink Hair Watercolor Painting Pink Hair Watercolor Painting

First, I just drew a simple outline. Then I painted with my cheap-ass watercolors from the Flying Tiger and I fine lined the most important features with a pencil from my roommate. Fine lining was very stressful, I didn’t wanna ruin the whole thing obviously.

I want to learn more cool watercolor effects, because I think it can be so pretty. But that will take a while. Maybe next time I paint, which will be next year probably.

Well what do you think about this process of me being all artsy?

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