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Weel, first of all, welcome to my Student Travel Blog. I am that chaotic 22-year-old girl that gets herself in very stressfull situations, but somehow always turns out alright in the end. I live in Amsterdam as an Environmental Studies major. However, as of January 2019, I’m an  exchange student at UCSB, California. I love to discover the world, drinking wine with my roomies, live sustainable and go on adventures. 


Since I feel like I’m not the only 20-something student trying to build a future, making ends meet, while still trying to live an awesome life, I want to write about my experiences. 


I am bussy designing my online student travel guides. They will be pocket sized, since you can download them on your phone. Ha, do you get it? The student guides will be free and available to every exploring nutter out there. 

Enough talk, get out there and explore the site!

Love, Cathie

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