You got mail: A Toast to the New Year!

A Toast to the New Year

A small card to celebrate the New Year

Hey Honey, it’s almost time. The day a new year will start is only a few hours away. And as you may know, it is also the day I will leave to Santa Barbara. So, a bunch of exciting things will be happening tomorrow. 2018 has been an amazing year and I expect 2019 to be just as wonderful.

To wish all of you a Happy New Year, I made a little online post card: a toast to the New Year! Everyone on my mailing list will receive this tomorrow morning as well, but for the rest of you, here you go:

A Toast to the New Year
Let’s open the card and…
A Toast to the New Year
A toast to the New Year! (Get it? Hahaha I’m so sorry.)
A Toast to the New Year
May good things pop up in the New Year! (I know, I did it again.)

Online post cards

Paperless Post asked me to check out their Online Post Card options and they’re great! I have been sending personalized cards to all of my friends. And the best thing: they will receive them tomorrow morning. It is possible to plan all the cards, so you won’t have to wake up tomorrow morning with a huge hangover to send your family and friends some love.


I hope you all have an amazing night, enjoy yourselves and the fireworks! I can’t wait to see all the crazy midnight kisses photo’s and dance video’s when I’m waiting at the airport tomorrow.

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